This is where I might have a menu of services or a list of design packages from which to choose.

Instead, let’s just talk.

Let’s zone in on what you’re trying to communicate to your members and to the world. Let’s identify what will make your gym feel different and right.

Wild. Woke. Raw. Intense. Glam. Sexy. Superior. Psychedelic. Who are you, as a gym? What is the language with which you want to communicate? These questions are at the core of everything we can do together.

Let’s brainstorm. Let’s talk dreams. Let’s talk budget. Let’s talk design. Let’s talk drama. Remember, I get it. I’ve been there. It’s a tough business. After years of extraordinary success I can help and more importantly: I want to help.

From a design improvement to building a new gym from scratch. From Construction to Creative. From Aesthetics to Architecture to Marketing. From Staff to Strategy. Touch-ups to Push-ups. Technology to Trouble-shooting. From the most exciting new equipment to the most intimidating old roadblocks. You’re not alone.

The fact is, you wouldn’t be here right now if you didn’t already know going to the gym is an emotional experience. So, what’s inside your gym’s emotional toolbox? I’m here to refine or build that toolbox for you.

After I listen – truly listen – to everything you have to say, I’m happy to send you a detailed proposal.

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